Fabric Schemes: A Room of Her Own

October 29, 2012 | Color, Fabric Schemes, Uncategorized

The good news about having an office at home is that I can spend time getting things done while waiting out Hurricane Sandy. The bad news is I have very little excuse to completely blow off this non-work work day!  With all my meetings for today cancelled, I decided to spend some time cleaning out my fabric library.  I discovered I have boxes upon boxes of fabric schemes I put together over the years that were never used — yes, essentially, these were the rejects, the schemes clients chose NOT to go with.  But when I look at them now with my not-so-objective eye, I still really love a lot of the work I did on these schemes, and I am sorry I never got to see them come to life in a client’s home.

Here’s a scheme I had put together for a master sitting room — really a room for the woman of the house.  Typically I design the library for Him , and the master bedroom for Her.  This scheme was designed as an even more feminine version of the bedroom it was meant to coordinate with.  I started with the multi-colored Designer’s Guild fabric “Capucheen”.  This fabric was intended to be used as curtain panels hanging from a gilded rod — there is some metallic gold in the fabric.

I decided to pull from some of the more dramatic colors from this fabric — the hot pink, lime green and shiny gold:

Stark Fabirc “Gaufrage Ondulation Metallic” — this would make a fantastic ottoman

Designer’s Guild “Stanmer”, item #F1709-09 — the prettiest limey green color

Osborne and Little Sabi Velvets, item #F6271-02 –a shimmery pink velvet that would make a fabulous chaise for someone with enough guts to do it!

A great way to off-set all the brighter colors?  An off-white carpet — something I love to do in a room where there is not a ton of traffic.  This one by Stark Carpet, “Amos Square” in Blanc, also adds a subtle modern geometry to the room with its woven square pattern:

With a few other fabrics layered in, here is how the final scheme comes together:


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