Color Inspiration: Turquoise and Yellow is SWEET!

I came across the SWEETEST photo the other day when I was browsing through a friend’s Pinterest account.

This cake is a delicious representation of a color palette I happen to be working with for two sisters’ bedrooms.  When I started putting color schemes together for these rooms, my client said that whatever colors we chose for her older daughter we would also have to use for her younger daughter since the little one always wants to copy her older sister — so sweet!  My kids never want to do the same thing!

Over the years I have often pushed clients to make some wilder choices for the kids’ room since the life of these rooms is more fleeting than say a living room.  And this client jumped right on board with this advice and  did not shy away from making a bold statement.  She opted for dynamic floral wallpapers in shades of turquoise and yellow/gold.  These rooms are still works in progress, but here is a peak at how the colors are working:

The older daughter’s room: This wallpaper from Designer’s Guild  is such a great starting point, there are so many unusual color choices to take from this paper.  I am so happy my client chose the chartreuse as one of her main colors — this bed is a standout!

The younger daughter’s room: This Harlequin paper has a metallic gold wash over it that reflects brilliantly in the light.  At the client’s request, we upholstered the headboard in a faux leather that would be easy to clean if her little angel had a “moment” with a magic marker in her bedroom.  The metallic gold faux leather from Sonia’s Place is a glam choice for a little girl and so much fun!  This bed could easily be used for years to come in combination with other colors if her daughter decides she no longer wants to be just like her older sis!

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