Girls’ Rooms: Pink is not what it used to be!

November 16, 2012 | Girls' Rooms, Pink/Blush

I am such a girl!   And my girliness really shines when I am asked to design a girl’s bedroom.  While I have created some fabulous girls’ rooms over the years in turquoise, purple or orange,  I am honestly a bit of a slave to pink — there is nothing girlier!  However, I don’t like pushover pink and I am not an advocate of anything frilly or sweet, not matter what the age of the child.  I prefer a girl’s room that has guts and a dramatic flair, a room that is happy and fun and will make all of their friends say “wow”!

A few months ago I worked with a client who is the mother of three — two boys and one girl.  She saw her daughter’s room as her one shot to do something ultra feminine in her house.  To her this meant only one thing — the room had to be pink!  I totally got it!  But I am pretty sure her idea of a pink room was totally different than mine.  When I showed up at her house with a bag full of room schemes that combined various shades of pink with colors like lime green, gold and deep purple, she was completely thrown!

Here are some of the schemes that I showed her that shook up her ideas of what a pink room could be:

Hot pink, silver and purple is a winning combo with this Designer’s Guild wallpaper as a starting point.  To make this room more pink, I would suggest brightly lacquered end tables in pink, pink glass lamps, and pale pink paint on the ceiling.

Drawing on the metallic gold, this room is fit for a princess!  Had we gone forward with this scheme, I would have suggested mirrored bedside tables and pink lamps.  White trim and a white ceiling would calm down the brightness of this palette too.

This pale pink and silver room scheme is much more muted in tone but still sparkles with metallic fabrics and shiny velvets. The flocked wallpaper with shiny background is a modern take on a very traditional pattern.

Gold, hot pink and red make for a very sophisticated girls’ room.  To make sure this room doesn’t go too mature, I would definitely have done a bright velvety beanbag chair in a corner of the room, and gold-framed bulletin boards on the walls for personal artwork and pictures of friends.

For this particular project, we didn’t end up using any of the above schemes, but we picked was equally as dramatic and not so typical.  I was very proud of my client for picking something outside her realm of comfort. The end result was beautiful.  When I have photos of the finished room, I will be sure to share them.


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