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November 13, 2012 | Green, Guest Rooms

With the holiday season approaching, many of us will soon have guests and family staying with us.  Is your guest room really guest-ready or will your guests feel like they are sleeping in a version of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’s Island of Misfit Furniture?

All too often people use their guest rooms as storage centers for all the furniture they should have disposed of when they graduated from college.  Or else they are using the room as a home-gym — and let’s face it, your treadmill isn’t of any use to you when it’s piled high with old clothing you also need to get rid of! Maybe it’s time to make your guest room a place where guests will really want to stay.

The guest room can be a really fun room to design.  Since it’s not a room you yourself will be staying in — unless you find yourself in the dog-house with your significant other for something really stupid you know you shouldn’t have said!!! –, this is the perfect space to stretch your limits, try more dramatic colors, and push the designer envelope.

I often use a dramatic wallpaper as my jumping-off point for creating a guest room.  This paper from Designer’s Guild is one of my favorite patterns and this silver/green color-way makes for a room that is not overly feminine.

By drawing on the shades of green and silver and using plush velvets and shiny faux leathers, this bedroom becomes an ultra chich hide-away for your guests — which is a good thing, especially if you want a little down-time of your own while you are playing host!

I would forgo the standard white trim in this room for a richer, more interesting tone like Benjamin Moore’s Juniper Green.  And why not paint the ceiling in Light Pewter, one of my favorite go-to silver-grays?

If you want your guests to feel really taken cared of, leave a small carafe of water (or scotch — you have to know your guest!!!) next to the bed at night.  One of these from Gobal Views works beautifully with any scheme:


These beautiful Winslow Anderson glass pieces in sea green from Culture Object in the West Village are the perfect accessories for this room.  The small container can be used as vase for fresh flowers next to the bed — I always love the simplicity of a container tightly filled with one color of roses. White roses would be ideal in one of these green containers, though pale yellow or light greenish roses would work really well too.

I like to supply my guest room with the latest magazines, a few good novels, and sleeping masks to ensure relaxation.  If there is enough space in the room, a lounge-y sofa or chaise makes the room extra cozy.  This Double Chaise from Lee Industries is perfect for two, and is so reasonably priced you may want one for your own bedroom too.


All in the name of keeping your guests comfortable enough that for the time they are staying with you, they have a space they can retreat to — which is as nice for you as it is for them!

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  1. Linda says:

    Jennifer, I am a commission portrait artist in Mississippi and I love and understand your use of bold color; I can’t say my home reflects your style of boldness yet, but you have inspired me to want more color on my walls. Thanks, I enjoyed your work.

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