Black in the Bedroom?

January 14, 2013 | Bedroom, Black, Purple

As much as I love to design all kinds of rooms, I am more inspired by the bedroom than any other room in a house.  Maybe it’s because it is such an important room — it’s where we start and finish our days.  When done right, the bedroom both calms and energizes us — and achieving both is truly a design feat!

To create the perfect bedroom for you, you have to know what turns you on — sounds dirty, but that’s not really what I mean!  Are you the type of person looking for a zen experience when you lay down at night?  Or are you someone who wants a jolt of energy when you walk through that bedroom door?  The main question: HOW DO YOU WANT TO FEEL IN YOUR BEDROOM?  Still sounding dirty, I know!

I recently visited a sleek West Village loft being designed by my friend Amy Purcell of ASI Design Studio.  While the whole apartment is cool in the way that only a downtown loft can be, Amy used one piece of furniture that I cannot get out of my mind — an incredibly chic black glass dresser from Worlds Away.  I am obsessed and am now designing an entire room around this dresser!

The dresser is super sleek and sexy, and it makes the perfect bedside table.  People may question the use of black in the bedroom.  Is it too severe?  Too moody?  I don’t think so, but then again I was never one of those zen-seekers.  And while the dresser itself is a bold statement, there are ways to work with it to bring some quiet moments to the room too.

The room I am designing starts with another bold statement: a black, gray and ivory patterned wallpaper from Designer’s Guild.

My plan is to use this paper only on the wall behind the bed. You will see it when you walk into the room, but when lying in bed you will only see the other walls in the room which will be painted in Benjamin Moore’s Smoke Embers, a soft gray color.  This is a great way to achieve that balance I mentioned before.

I am pairing this dramatic paper with a mix of gray velvets, satins and silks, some patterned but mostly textural.  Again, the softer elements toning down the louder ones.

I love a dramatic chandelier for almost any room when you have the ceiling height to accommodate it.  For this room I suggest a murano glass chandelier with elements of black in it like this one from Cosulich Interiors.  This is jewelry for your ceiling and something you will a great view of when lying down!

I love the idea of keeping this room neutral and monochromatic, but we could just as easily add in one accent color to make the room more unique.  Since everything goes with black, the options are wide open — teal, yellow, emerald green, or red — any one of these would be amazing in small touches.  However my own inclination is to try purple which adds so much life to the scheme.

Imagine this pair of purple and white swirl lamps from Swank Lighting on the black glass chests. So glamorous!

For other inspirational ideas for black and purple color accents, take a look at my Black and Purple boards on Pinterest.

With my penchant for the dramatic and my love of saturated colors, I would LIVE in this bedroom!  If nothing else, we all know how slimming black is, and what better room to look skinny in!!!


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    Too funny, just finished writing a post about using black in rooms. Great minds… ;)

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