My New Year’s Resolution

January 03, 2013 | Fabric Schemes, Purple

I am living a cliche! You know the one about the shoemaker’s children? Only I am not talking about shoes or children.  I am talking about the state of my own apartment and the fact that it is half-empty!   I moved in about 4 months ago and nearly all of my clothes are still sitting in plastic boxes from The Container Store. Since my own humiliation may be the biggest motivating factor to getting this work done, I am airing my dirty laundry (and my plastic boxes) right here, right now.

I can tell myself that it’s because I haven’t found the perfect chest of drawers yet, but that’s an excuse and one I don’t even believe. While I have perfectionist tendencies, I know that waiting for the perfect piece is a sure-fire way to never get your home done. Bottom line, I simply have not prioritized the design of my own home.

In the name of New Year’s, one of my biggest resolutions is to get this apartment finished before the end of June. As a designer,  I know firsthand that completing my apartment will have a huge, positive impact on my life.  I know I will feel so much better when I wake up in the morning in a bedroom surrounded by things I love. I know I will function more efficiently when I have a place for all of my belongings. And I know I will feel like a much better parent when my kids love being in their rooms — this might also allow me a few more moments of peace each day!

In an effort to stick with my resolution, I am mapping out a plan for myself with very specific tasks for each of the next six months — I know if I break it down into manageable steps, it will actually happen.  For the month of January, my main priority is the design of my master bedroom — selecting the fabrics and furniture for the room.

I have a beautiful pair of vintage parchment chests in my room that I love and are so easy to work with. Currently my walls are a light lavender.  I typically go for stronger colors, but the lavender is soothing and it has definitely grown on me.

I found a beautiful fabric that works perfectly with my lavender walls, a printed silk from Designer’s Guild.  This fabric will be used as curtain panels, and I won’t have to repaint my walls.

I am going to pair this very organic patterned fabric with geometrics and textural wovens to add some modern elements and keep the room young.

I have my heart set on this bed from Hickory Chair that I am going to upholster in a deep lavender velvet which will subtly contrast with my wall color.  The shape of the headboard is curvy and tailored at the same time, a perfect balance of feminine and masculine.

The curtain fabric has an interesting bright blue color in it and I would love to pull that out as an accent in my room.  These murano lamps in blue and gold from Swank Lighting would be perfect!


I would also love pair of blue chairs to flank the chest of drawers that will replace my Container Store boxes — sooner rather than later!

I will update you at the beginning of February to share my successes (not even thinking about the possibility of not fulfilling this task!), and to continue onto other areas of my home.

Happy New Year!




  1. Cathia Friou says:

    I’m inspired by this post on so many levels. No doubt you will end up with an exquisite product (a fully furnished and fab master), but you are also modeling the power of vulnerability and accountability. Looking forward to seeing the results — both yours and mine.

  2. Guy Regal says:

    I am so excited about this blog – of course I am the lucky benificiary of this particular New Year’s Resolution! I cannot wait to watch the process first hand. I know it will be stunning when finished!

  3. Doryn Wallach says:

    Love the bedroom colors! My husband won’t let me do lavender in the room or i’d do it everywhere. Makes me feel so good!

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