My New Year’s Resolution – Part 2

February 06, 2013 | DIning Rooms, Green, Red

How do you know when a New Year’s resolution is more than something you casually proclaimed in a champagne-induced stupor on New Year’s Eve?  Well for one thing, if you actually made it through January and you are still showing commitment, that’s a good sign!

I am still fully committed to my resolution of decorating my apartment before the end of June.  This month’s goal is to work on my dining room which perfectly ties into another one of my 2013 resolutions — to host a dinner party once a month.  I had my first dinner party last week and it was a big success!  It would have been even better if I had a sideboard to serve from, a dining table that was larger, and dishes that coordinated with my decor.  I had to seriously dim the lights and use lots of candles and flowers to distract my guests from the current lack of furniture in the room — the non-stop flow of wine helped too!

The dining room is the perfect space for an over-the-top, dramatic look, and I plan to amp it up.  Right now I have two things in my dining room which I am keeping — an amazing peacock-patterned wallpaper from Osborne and Little that combines two of my favorite colors, Chinese red and teal, and a stunning, oversized 1940′s Murano chandelier from Newel.  Both the paper and the chandelier are attention grabbers.

I have an old set of black lacquered spoon-back chairs that I had painted in Chinese red to coordinate with my wallpaper.  I am going to use a metallic pewter faux snakeskin on the seats which combines practicality and chic.

I am also considering using a red satin fabric for my curtains.  It will be a bold statement, but at this point I don’t think I can stop halfway — I’m just going to go for it!

I also want to draw on the teal from the wallpaper, and I am thinking that a green rug could be the perfect answer.  I love the design of this antique rug from Doris Leslie Blau.  The field of the rug is solid which is fine given my dining table will be sitting on top of it.  And the patterned border will be exposed. The dark color will work well too with my children (and my guests!) who don’t always keep the food on their plates!  I really don’t know how so much food ends up on the floor!

Once my room is done, I am definitely going to have to revisit my table-top items. I am a stickler for the china coordinating with the decor.  I am going to visit my table-top expert  Charlie Akwa at The Silver Peacock in NYC.  If I show her my wallpaper and fabrics, she will be able to help me select an interesting and unique blend of different plates, napkins and other accessories to make my table gorgeous.  She would die if she knew I was using paper napkins — even though they’re the fancy kind!!

Now if I could just learn how to cook!

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  1. Catherine says:

    Love that gorgeous wallpaper!

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