Back on the Streets of Paris

March 25, 2013 | Doors

When I was in Paris a few months ago, I found myself very attracted to the large, colorful doors that mark the entrances to so many Parisian buildings.  Shades of teal, red and cobalt blue can be seen all over the city, contrasting beautifully with the neutral stone of the buildings.  I was in Paris again last week, this time traveling with my children, and I was thrilled that they too fell in love with the doors of Paris.

Paris doors colorful

This trip I still found my greatest inspiration while walking on the streets and taking in the architecture.  But this time around the pull for me was less in the colorful.  Instead I found myself looking at strong geometric details that spoke to me because their forms were so distinct relative to the traditional architecture of the buildings.  Most of the elements I was drawn to were made in metal.  Their beauty lies in the simplicity of the shapes.

Paris doors

The scale of these doors are monumental, some easily reaching 15′ in height, and these photographs do not do justice to the strength and weight of their presence.

As is usual for me, when I look at these architectural elements, I see more than just doors.  I see ways in which these design ideas can be re-interpreted, maybe as the design for a carpet, a pattern for a fabric, a door style for a cabinet, or a small emblem for the detail on a chair or other piece of furniture.  As I continue to design special pieces for my clients, I know that I will return many times to the images from my trip for inspiration.

Paris doors 2


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