I’m Scheming…Again!

I think I saw snowflakes over the weekend, and I am so done with winter!  But I am not letting a few flakes cloud my summery mood!  I am fully engaged in a few beach house projects right now and am loving the escape that this design process is giving me from what has been [...]

Wear Your Beach House Well

I am currently designing a beach-front house in an area that was fortunately and miraculously untouched by Hurricane Sandy.  But even so, the design of this house is now very much affected by the hurricane.  My client is wary of future natural disasters and she wants to decorate the house with this in mind. This [...]

The Un-Bachelor Pad — You Just Need a Woman’s Touch!

December 17, 2012 | Blue, Fabric Schemes, Gray, Purple

Calling all bachelors!  You know you need help, and lots of it!  I have made it really easy for you, and broken it down into two simple steps. Step One: Get rid of the black leather sofa, it is not helping your game. It screams commitment-phobe more than anything else in your apartment. And the [...]

Color Inspiration: Pink and Blue is such a Tea-se!

I was ecstatic when I discovered that my favorite tea store Teavana had finally opened on the Upper East Side in NYC.  After only being able to get their teas on trips to the Mall — which I swear I rarely make!!! –, it was like seeing a mirage when I noticed them on Lexington [...]