Wear Your Beach House Well

I am currently designing a beach-front house in an area that was fortunately and miraculously untouched by Hurricane Sandy.  But even so, the design of this house is now very much affected by the hurricane.  My client is wary of future natural disasters and she wants to decorate the house with this in mind. This [...]

Still Giving Thanks…For the Color Orange

I hate turkey, especially when it’s sitting all naked and exposed on the kitchen counter before it’s been cooked!  But my poultry-revulsion aside, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the entire year.  And I’m sad that I have to wait another 50 weeks for this holiday to come along again.  While my designs are rarely [...]

Color Inspiration: Turquoise and Yellow is SWEET!

I came across the SWEETEST photo the other day when I was browsing through a friend’s Pinterest account. This cake is a delicious representation of a color palette I happen to be working with for two sisters’ bedrooms.  When I started putting color schemes together for these rooms, my client said that whatever colors we [...]